Grade 10 B Assembly - July 2019

On the morning of 24th July, class 10 B performed their class assembly on the topic 'Self Love'. The main theme described the manner in which we must live up to an ideal level of beauty or intelligence and how this mentality may have a impact on us.

A play was performed, which began with three people looking at their reflections in the mirror. When they looked at themselves, the characters noticed only their shortcomings and failed to appreciate the gifts life had bestowed upon them. But, as the play progressed, the characters began to discover their talents and started feeling good about themselves. The play emphasised the importance of accepting our imperfections as part of who we are, and loving ourselves inspite of these.

Next, the song 'This Is Me' was performed. Through its captivating melody and lyrics, the song highlighted the importance of loving yourself. A quiz, which enhanced our general knowledge, was also conducted.

The message showcased in the class assembly was-'People may form opinions about us, or criticise us. But, what we must realise is that no one except us, can judge our true worth.'