Grade 10 C Assembly - July 2019

On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, Class 10C performed their class assembly, highlighting “Acceptance”. This class assembly strived to point that any society has differences, but these differences need to be embraced and accepted if we are to live in harmony within these societies.

This message was passed on through the form of a short play, which revolved around two scenarios: the unfortunate stigma that sports is not a suitable profession, while the second scene depicted women empowerment in the Indian military.

Some of the most eye-opening moments of the assembly were the quiz and the segment 'food for thought' where the narrators shared their knowledge on disabled yet prosperous people. Further, there was also an interactive quiz featuring the aspects of the topic. Students broadened their knowledge on people who had setbacks in life but still became very successful.

Overall, the students of Class 10C conveyed the message that an ideal society is one where acceptance is the only expectance.