Grade 10 D Assembly - July 2019

July 31, 2019 was a nice and breezy day that witnessed 10-C's and 10-D's class assembly. All the students had assembled on the school ground with the excitement typical of them in the morning, and after the routine prayer and pledge, the class assemblies began with a great and energetic start.

10-C performed first, and set the standard of expectation quite high. But all the students of 10-D, with their cheerful and excited faces, weren't ready to let anyone down, and prepared to give their best on stage.

The topic of 10-D's class assembly was "self-acceptance', which was showcased through a skit by cartoon characters, along with an inspirational song, speech and a fun quiz.

The class assembly was initiated with a short introductory speech highlighting the importance of self-acceptance in ourselves and was followed by a superbly well-coordinated skit. In the skit, a pair of 15-year old twin girls were whisked into a realm of their favourite cartoon characters through a 'wormhole machine' named WHATT (WormHole And Time-Travelinator) built by the popular characters Phineas and Ferb. However, there is breakdown in the machine and chaos breaks loose in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse, which is also visited by Mr. Bean, who danced with great vigour and easy humour to produce ripples of laughter in the audience. The characters start insulting each other about their eccentricities and differences, leading to more chaos. Finally, the twins break in to resolve the issue saying that the only way to fix the machine was to work together as a team and celebrate the diversity amidst others. The skit was expertly enacted and really drove the message of self-acceptance home into the audience. Shortly, a group of talented singers and musicians came on stage to perform the song: 'Scars to your Beautiful', which emphasized the importance of inner beauty over external beauty in a manner both melodic and resonant with the audience. This was followed by a quiz on facts about cartoon characters, where many bright young students answered the questions excitedly.

Finally, the assembly was concluded by 2 narrators who summarised the concept beautifully and signed off on the behalf of class 10-D.