Grade 11 C Assembly - July 2019

On 17th July, 2019, a memorable Class Assembly was organized by the students of class 11 ‘C’ with the theme “The Power of Yet”.

It all began with deciding the topic of the Class Assembly in mid-June. After numerous inputs from all students, they finally chose the theme to be “The Power of Yet” with an aim to motivate their fellow-students to learn and grow from all the failures they have faced instead of giving up. They, then, moved on to write the script for the play in such a way that each and every one of their classmates could have the opportunity to unleash their talents. They began practice as soon as the script was approved and the roles were finalized. They practiced with utmost dedication along with the guidance of the class teacher, until the day of the Class Assembly.

Finally, the day of the Class Assembly had arrived. In the midst of all the students trying to practice their lines one last time, the class was called upon to put forward the Class Assembly. It started off with an introduction into the theme of the assembly and then a short shloka. The story revolved around a 16 year old boy, named Vikram who didn’t excel at academics but had his own inner talents. He is constantly de-motivated by his teachers and mocked by his friends, which affects him deeply. However, he learns through one of his favorite T.V shows that failure too is a part of life and one must embrace it instead of losing hope. He realizes that people have earned fame only after facing and overcoming uncountable failures in life and by consistently working hard towards their goals.

The enthusiastic students wrapped up the Class Assembly with a mind- boggling quiz and an apt conclusion with a thought in Kannada. Through the whole journey of preparing for their Class Assembly, they learnt how to manage the limited time they had and also the essence of teamwork. Regardless of the number of ups and downs they faced in the past few weeks they managed to present a Class Assembly that was enjoyed by all. But most importantly it taught them to believe in the Power of Yet!