Grade 12 C Assembly - June 2019

On Wednesday, 26 June 2019, the students of class 12 C were filled with a mix of anticipation and excitement. They were going to perform their last ever class assembly and they were determined to make it a success. As a tribute to the fact that it was their last assembly, with a sense of nostalgia, the class choose memories as their topic - School memories to be specific, those moments that they plan to cherish forever. After two weeks of planning and hardwork, it was finally time to perform. The performance started with a bang- the actors perfectly in sync, not a line forgotten. The dancers set the stage on fire with their graceful performance and the singers hypnotized the audience with heir beautiful tunes. The various speakers were clear and articulate. Drawing laughter, memories and smiles from the audience, the performance was certainly one to remember. Full of hopes, dreams and unforgettable memories, class 12C signed off their last Class assembly with a resounding ‘Viva La The Graduating Batch of 2019-20.’