Graduation 2020-21

Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an end and a beginning: it is warm memories of the past and big dreams of the future. National Public School, Indiranagar, commemorated its first ever virtual Graduation Ceremony for the batch 2021 on Saturday, 27 February2021. This academic year saw many challenges and gave students a fresh perspective and invaluable lessons on acceptance, resilience, empathy and gratitude. Bearing this in mind, it was only befitting to choose the soothing colour aqua as the theme this year since aqua represents tranquillity, balance, stability, peace, growth, and energy.

The event was initiated by the dignitaries lighting the lamp accompanied by the invocation song seeking the blessing of the almighty. This was followed by the welcome address by Dr Bindu Hari (Vice Chairperson of TISB, NAFL & NPS Educational Institutions). In the welcome address, Dr Bindu Hari, urged the graduating batch of Class 12 to be the torch bearers, the pioneers, trend setters and innovators of tomorrow. She also fervently desired for the outgoing batch of students to progress in their journey of life and to help others progress as it would add value to the society that they would live in.

The Chief Guest of the evening was the well-regarded and prominent personality, Ms Anasuya Sengupta (Co-Director and Co-founder of Whose Knowledge?) a former student of National Public School, Indiranagar. In her convocation address, Ms Anasuya Sengupta fondly recollected her school life and expressed the importance of school in inculcating traits, values and discipline that have an bearing on the future of a student. Dr K P Gopalkrishna (Chairman, NPS Group of Institution, NAFL and TISB) addressed the students and wished each one of the graduating student to be a successful leader and entrepreneur. He also stressed on imbibing discipline, concern and humility for the fellow humans that would be important for success in personal and professional life.

The evening also witnessed an enthralling and engrossing fusion music that left the audience spellbound. Ms Gayathri Krishna, recalled her journey as a parent and shared the parent’s perspective. The three student speaks: Ishaan Godbole, Mythili Kamath and Tarun Ashok shared their life and journey as students at National Public School, Indiranagar in the segment on Reminiscence. Ms Shantha Chandran (Principal, National Public School, Indiranagar) and Ms Shweta Pathak Chand (Vice Principal, National Public School, Indiranagar) in their declaration address encouraged and wished luck and success to the graduating batch of Class 12. The coveted title -The Best Outgoing Student alongside the most awaited House-Points were announces on this momentous evening. This significant evening drew to a close with the customary student pledge and candle-lighting ceremony, followed by the inspiring school song. The ebullient evening felt complete with the shower of the choicest blessings from the teachers which left the students reminiscing happy and guarded days spent in the school.