Safety with Rainbow – Virtual workshop on child sexual abuse

National Public School, Indiranagar and Young Indians Thalir, an integral part of Confederation of Indian Industry, joined together to organize a virtual workshop for KG1 students, Safety with Rainbow. This was executed on September 22nd 2020, through a fun puppet show to create awareness on child sexual abuse. The facilitator highlighted the awareness of feelings that a child undergoes – happy, confident, sad and scary, through a song. The workshop emphasized on safe and unsafe touch through a puppet role play, leading to making the students comprehend about how they could and should share their safe and unsafe secrets with someone they trust. Through the talk the children were reassured, that in such situations they are never wrong, hence they need not fear to share unsafe secrets. There was also an emphasis on the fact that not only must they share, but they must share until they are heard. The session was engaging as it had a combination of puppets, story, role play and songs and an important learning for the little ones.