Childrens Day 2022

On November 14, 2022, the students of NPS Indiranagar walked into the school eager to take part in the Children's Day event that had been organised for them. The teachers sang and recited the school prayer and the Indian Pledge to mark the start of the celebration. The performances that followed ranged from a masterfully choreographed fusion dance to fervent renditions of well-known Western and Indian songs by the zealous faculty members. As their teachers walked down the ramp wearing outfits that represented the five elements of nature, the students joyfully cheered them on. Students were given personalised appreciation badges. The faculty members then put on a lively dance routine that had the audience clamouring for more; there were also friendly basketball, football and volleyball matches for the students to take part in. The afternoon comprised of fun inter-house music and fashion-show competitions wherein the four houses put forward their best performances. All of the NPS INR students were ecstatic as they watched their teachers and support staff put up enjoyable performances celebrating them and their childhoods.