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As a part of our holistic education, NPS students are provided with a range of experiences outside classroom.

Activities and initiatives which develop students emotionally, ethically, socially and personally are a vital aspect of school life at NPS. Most, if not all initiatives are student led and student run initiatives.

Helping Hands - SEWA
The school outreach program is handled by the SEWA Association, which comprises of about 60 members, across Classes 6-12. Office bearers for both junior and senior classes include President and Secretary. Besides, other members from senior classes 11 and 12 work as mentors for each activity. The activities for this academic year are as follows:

  1. Greening The School involves a sapling drive where a patch in the school compound is taken up for planting flowering plants and shrubs.
  2. WOW: Wealth out of Waste involves collecting old newspapers, old and used writing paper and used textbooks, selling them to recycling vendors and the proceeds are donated to active NGOs in the form of daily provisions and consumables.
  3. Green Bin Initiative: Durable green coloured plastic garbage bins are placed at strategic points in the school premises to prevent littering.
  4. Signage: Bold and eye catching posters on the theme of water and electricity saving are prepared, laminated and put at strategic points in the school premises to create awareness.
  5. Energy Audit: groups of students are in charge of going around the school building after school hours to make sure that lights and fans are switched off. Students themselves are aware and responsible and this ensures a lower energy consumption.
  6. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: cleaning up the school premises.
  7. Visit to Organic farm: students learn about composting of wet waste and organic farming.
  8. Visit to old age homes and centers of palliative medicine: students visit old age homes to talk to talk to and entertain the residents.
  9. Workshop on Water usage and conservation – students organized a workshop in association with the NGO Reap Benefit
  10. E-Waste drive – students volunteer with ‘Saahas,’ an NGO authorized for e-waste collection.
  11. Awareness Drives –
    1. Sustainability of ecosystem the Western Ghats – a presentation by wildlife photographer Kalyan Verma
    2. Road Safety Awareness by Dr.Shubhangi Tambwekar
    3. Composting of Wet waste by Mr. Vivek
    4. Daily Dump by Ethica
    5. Joy of Giving Drive – Students of Class 1-12 are requested to get old story books, clothes and toys to be donated to orphanages and other NGOs.
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