KG Childrens Day 2022

Every child is a unique flower, and when all of them come together, they make the world look like a lovely garden. On 14 November 2022, National Public School, Indiranagar observed Children's Day with great enthusiasm. The Kindergarten students arrived at school to the sound of fun music and the presence of air bubbles and they were all creatively dressed in a variety of outfits and hairstyles. The day's activities got underway with tattoo-creation booths put up for them; the students then made their way to the school auditorium, where they were treated to a magic show. The magician enthralled the audience with thrilling tricks that kept them riveted to the performance until the very end. The students were also eager to play the enjoyable games that had been planned for them in their classrooms. Each child was given a goody bag full of treats and candies to take home after the celebration. All in all, Children's Day was a wonderful event for the students; they all felt special and came away from it with wonderful memories.