Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships- Parent Workshop for Grade 2

We are delighted to share the success of our recent parent workshop on "Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships" conducted on 8 July 2023, for the parents of grade 2 students at NPS Indiranagar, an initiative by the Wellness Team. The workshop provided a platform for parents to engage in collective discussions and explore effective strategies in supporting their child through the schooling process. Participants actively shared their experiences and aspirations, fostering a supportive community of parents. Through activities like the case study work, parents gained valuable insights into effective communication, setting boundaries, and building resilience in their children. The workshop aimed to enhance the collaboration between parents, teachers, and school administrators, fostering a strong home-school partnership and promoting effective communication. Overall, the workshop served as an empowering resource for parents, equipping them with tools to create a nurturing environment and promote the holistic development of their children.